As a child ...

I loved creative and artistic things like  ... making things with my hands, writing letters and thank you notes, drawing hearts and flowers, collecting stickers and stationery,  and planning birthday parties.  (I also loved to move around my furniture in the middle of the night until the space felt refreshed -- sorry, Mom!)  I loved imagining how to create ease and beauty:  I organized my closet into rainbow order, transformed a blank notebook into a planner to track homework and tests, bought my own rolodex to track my people.  Although I was shy, I loved listening and learning about the depth of people.  And knowing their birthdays.

Oh, and I really loved books about magic. 


Who I am

My name is Amy.  I am an artist, life coach, organizing expert, facilitator and felicitator.

But really, I inspire people find more joy and connection in their hearts, homes and work through art, creativity and kindness.  I have devoted most of my life to being a force for good and a source of love and clarity.

These Days ...

My childhood joys have deepened and become my adult practices and passions:  To create inspiring art and sacred space for people to get clear, imaginative and connected.  And to experience magic.

When not "at work" you can find me spending time with my beloved husband and daughters, talking with my sister, gratefully receiving help from family, friends, and strangers, connecting with loved ones,  savoring the sunshine on my face, reading, studying, journaling, singing songs from Glee, having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen, and making time for self-care (a sometimes elusive but essential goal for a mom of 2 young children).


I want to live in a world where people are excited to wake up in the morning.  Where big hugs, eye contact, play, art and rest are as much a part of everyday life as eating, sleeping and breathing.  Where people learn the names of others they help and are helped by.  And where everyone recognizes their friends' handwriting when it arrives on an envelope in their mailbox.  I am living proof that joy, meaning and abundance flow from connecting to the people and qualities that we treasure most.  I am here to remind you that you are the artist of your life ... you simply have to be willing to see and play.  Being a Life Artist doesn't require being artistic; it requires courage, imagination, action, stillness and surrender.  So ... I have one question for you:  What's ONE tiny thing you could change in your life, that would make your heart burst and sing with glee?